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Punta Tech Meetup 2017 is Coming

In just 1 month we will be hosting the 9th edition of Punta Tech Meetup. The event will be focused on two main themes: Cybersecurity and Growth. Actually, three main themes: as always, the main theme will be networking.

The event will be the biggest to date. This year we decided to open just 400 tickets to the general public, for a small price. The reason is simple: we started this as an event to greet our friends, connections and interesting people in general. At 1,200 attendees, it became just too big, expanded beyond the number of people we can reasonably know, and completely escaped our ability to discern who is who.

So, if you plan to be in Punta on Jan 16, don’t miss it. If you don’t plan to be in Punta, consider coming for the occasion. It’s worth it.

Please register by visiting www.puntameetup.com. If you are a friend and think you should have received a VIP invitation, do contact us, many mails bounce or go to the spam folders. If you know a VIP who may attend, or if you are a VIP but cannot afford paying a few bucks (really?), also contact us.

See you there.

Ariel, Pablo and Sergio


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